Some clubs and groups tend to limit the number of single members, while others seem to have a more relaxed acceptance policy for singles. It is a problem for many singles to find a club or group that will let them become members, and even the national organizations have noticed. One of the national organization has recently begun to encourage their affiliated clubs to accept more singles.

It may take several attempts to find the right group if you are single. If you approach a group and they say no, just respect their viewpoint and try somewhere else. There is usually a group somewhere in your area that will accept you as member as a single.

However, if the driving distance to their meeting place is more than you want to commit to, another option would be start a new group in your area. Then you could plan to have a more open policy on single memberships.

The Nudist/Naturist lifestyle is a great way to meet a lot of interesting people, both married and single.

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