Nudist look like you and me, and the person who lives next door. We come in all sizes and shapes, all education levels and nudism is open to anyone who want to try it regardless of race, creed, color or religion. Like any group of people, most bodies are not poster perfect. So if your body is not perfect, you will not feel out of place at a nudist event.

You will find that nudist are friendly and concerned about your comfort and secure environment. Nudist members are interested in a a natural, healthy and relaxing way of life that is non-sexual and family oriented. As a family activity, children (anyone under 18 years-old) may attend most clubs although they must be accompanied by either a parent/legal guardian or with a non-related adult with a signed statement from a parent/legal guardian.

Yes, nudists look like you and I and come from all walks of life. You will find it to be a relaxing lifestyle that is free of the daily stress we all experience. Nudist groups are looking for people who are open minded and want to enjoy the company of others of a like mind. If you are looking to try something new, the clothes free lifestyle could be your answer to meeting new friends who look just like everyone else.

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